Rediscovering Prayer

by Addison Bevere

May 14, 2023

Separator Words with God by Addison Bevere
Surrendering “Place” Through Prayer

Where does this Sunday find you?

I’m coming off a few days alone with my four kids (Juli’s away celebrating her sister’s 40th birthday). It’s been a lot of fun holding down the fort, but I’m a bit frayed and ready for her return.

If you’re new to this weekly message on prayer as a way of life, then welcome. I’m glad you’re here and spending a few minutes with me. Each week, I offer a prayerful thought, question, practice, resource . . . basically something you can take with you as you move into the week.

Last Sunday I mentioned a three-word prayer that I use to center myself when fear or anxiety try to chase my peace away. Are you ready for it? Here it is . . .  

I Am Here.

I know, it’s simple—a mere three syllables. But this prayer leads us down three robust pathways of peace, purpose, and intimacy with God.

Over the next three weeks, I’ll spend some time on each of these pathways.

Today, we’ll focus on the first pathway—a surrender of place. Since we are not God, we cannot be everywhere at once. Since we are here, we cannot be there, wherever there may be. 

When we try to be two places at once, we end up being nowhere, living disengaged from the presence of God, ourself, and those around us.

People often ask me, “Addison, why don’t I feel God’s presence?” Without fail, the people who struggle to feel God’s presence are those who struggle to be present.  

Even the word “presence” is defined as “being present in a place or thing,” so if we are to be people of the presence, we must cultivate presentness.


You are here, so be here. Whatever that means for you. As you move from place to place this week, ask God to give you eyes to see the purpose, people, pain, and promise of each place.

I Am Here.

Closing Thoughts

This short prayer will remind you that it’s okay that you’re just here, in this place. At least for now, God designed you to flourish within space’s limitations. So while you’re here, trust him to be “there,” wherever there may be.

Standing with you,


Separator Words with God by Addison Bevere

P.S. There’s a whole chapter in Words with God on the gift of presence—it’s titled “I Am Here.” If you don’t have the book yet, it’s available as a physical book, ebook, or audiobook. Just click here.

Sunday Entries

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“I’ve been thinking a lot about circles lately. So much of life is defined by circles—our days, week, months, and years form circles for us to move in and through. We’re constantly reminded that the end of a thing has a way of taking us back to a beginning. It would seem the cosmos announces the Circle as God’s shape of choice…”

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Addison Bevere

Husband, father, author, poet, speaker & follower of Christ

Addison Bevere

Husband, father, author, poet, speaker & follower of Christ

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