Seeing Beyond Our Limited Sight

Perhaps you’re struggling to see the light. Maybe all you see is failure, disappointment, and purposelessness. It’s in these moments that we’re called to do the brave work of repentance…

Pay Attention To Yourselves

The disciples’ response to Jesus’s words was “increase our faith” (v. 5). This way of living seemed too great for them, and they realized that they needed faith beyond what they had known. Let’s be the ones who pray “increase our faith” this week, especially when searching to understand the difficulties within and without.

The Morning Sacrifice Of Prayer

Who is getting your attention in the mornings? Are you scrolling social media and processing messages before even getting out of bed? This week, why not spend the first ten minutes of each day directing your affection to God? Your morning sacrifice will position you to see things you otherwise couldn’t see and follow the leading of the Spirit down the “straight path before” you.

Praying Through Trials And Temptations

Do you feel disoriented by trial or temptation? If we’re honest, we’ve all been there and are probably—in one way or another—there right now. My prayer for us this week is that we’d allow God to redeem the pain of the trial and reveal the true nature of whatever we’re facing . . . that we would be reoriented through prayer.

Hope Is The First Dose

Have you been through a massive hurt or a collection of wounds that have left you wondering if you can heal again? The neuroscience is clear: you can’t change your life until you change your mind.

The Healing Power Of The Festal Shout

Are you in a season where you don’t have the words to pray? Maybe your words feel messy, irreverent, or inarticulate. You don’t need to go buy a shofar, but I do challenge you to release a cry, however broken it may sound. Whether it be a car, a room, a field, a closet, a forest . . . find a place to offer your holy exhale. For only those who breathe out can breathe in.

Confronting Our Pain To Connect With The Father

When Jesus told us to pray to the Father, he realized how difficult that would be for many of his brothers and sisters. What is difficult, though, is often what’s most meaningful, and Jesus was never one to back down from what is best.

The Power Of Praying In Circles

But in a world where progress is defined by straight lines and checked boxes, corporate ladders and bar charts, what’s circular is often considered unsuccessful—a waste of time and energy.

The Eternal Presence Is Here

Of course, we often prefer God’s nearness to be more tangible, especially in the face of trial. Yet within God’s redemptive design, we are made strong through weakness, perfect through imperfection, whole through brokenness, rooted through storms.

Surrendering “Time” Through Prayer

When we trust God with our future, God will open our hearts to whatever He’s asking us to do or what we need to learn or what we need to come to terms with here to get there.